Launch hot air balloon

Okay, so we will give you an opportunity to launch a hot air balloon, but you’ll have to read this first…

While we would love to have an army of elves to make this little project happen, we didn’t get around to organising them…

There is actually a lot of work involved in this project – regularly checking the forms, posting on the blog, replying to contributors, printing the cards, organising exhibition, publicity etc. Luckily the project team is doing this all as a labour of love because they all think its awesome gift to the world.

However we dont have much spare cash themselves for all the little expenses that add up – that’s why we’re asking you kindly: if you feel inspired by this project, please support us by chipping in for our crowdfunding campaign!  And yes, you get an chance of launching a hot air balloon, as well as ordering a singing telegram:)

Check it out here –


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