Within all of us lie buried the words, thoughts and feelings that have remained unsaid – to loved ones, to authority figures, to ancestors and unborn children. Sleeping beneath the surface, they lie waiting for a chance to be spoken.

Inspired by international projects like PostSecret, Buried Words works on a simple premise – often what we resist, disavow or deny giving voice to contains a seed of truth for us. These difficult truths form potent words giving rare glimpses into other people’s lives. These unspoken words will be collected anonymously online over August-September.

Project creator Michael Chew has a passion for creating participatory installations in libraries – his previous shows include the award-winning iMap (a 13m long emotional map of Melbourne’s CBD in the City Library) and Choose Your Own Library Adventure (an adventurous story-telling romp through the Baillieu library). On this project he joins with: Lea Czikowski, a community artist facilitator whose passion is curating imaginary realms amongst our everyday life; Shirana Nash, who was drawn to this project’s power to connect people through their shared human experiences; and Ben Moore, who believes in encouraging people to have another go at asking for what they want from others, and from life.

Exhibition details:

Opening Night Sept 25th 6-7:30pm
Exhibition period Sept 25th – Oct 16th
Footscray Library,
56 Paisley St, Footscray.
RSVP on facebook here

If you’d like to find out about how your could help out the project and get some curious rewards (including a hot air balloon launch, or a singing telegram) – click here

Write-up in The Age – here

Fringe Festival listing – here


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