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What have you been meaning to say to someone – we want to hear it!

STOP PRESS – contributions for the exhibition due by Sept 18th!

We invite you to contribute your own ‘buried words’ to the project here. It could be an unspoken apology, words of love that never got said, the perfect comeback, or perhaps something that you have been meaning to tell yourself. The person could be near or far, alive or dead, a loved one or a mortal enemy. Or a million other possibilities.

So what are you waiting for? Contribute your words by clicking here

Contributions will be shown on this website, and hidden somewhere in the Footscray Library, subject to the guidelines below.


Some contribution guidelines

We kindly ask that:
– You avoid explicitly identifying the object of your words, unless they have agreed first
– You avoid contributions that denigrate or attack specific groups of people
– You don’t limit yourself to the distant past, or the immediate present – unspoken words are from any time
– You try to write as specifically as you can the exact words that would like to say (or write) to that person or entity (rather than simply shouting out to anyone).

This project is a labour of love, we are doing it in our spare time. We will do our very best to show all the submissions, either in the exhibition venue (Footscray Library), or online. However we do reserve the right to not display submissions in the case of space or time constraints, or if we feel it that they may not be suited to public viewing – please do not be offended if we cannot publish your entry.  Entries that are are very long may be edited for size before posted online.

You can submit as many times as you wish, though we will endeavour to show a diversity of submissions, and may not publish multiple posts by the same person.

If, through the process of contributing your words, you feel moved to communicate them to person you thinking about, then we may smile.

Contribute here

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