Let old acquaintance

It’s been a reasonably long time now, since the troubles between us finally ended. We were neither friends nor lovers, but it doesn’t seem as though we were wholly enemies either. Perhaps we were really just casual acquaintances with disparate points of view forced into an uncomfortable proximity by cicumstance. I’ll never really know. What I do know is that how ever much we judged each other, hurt each other and drove each other mad, at times we supported each other with uncommon kindness too. Whether that was nothing more than a social conscience doesn’t really matter to me. All people are special, you’re a person, that means you’re special too. I guess everyone contributes their own unique form of beauty to the world. I think you have something that deserves to be valued and that, more than anything, it deserves to be valued by you. I hope you find someone who truly loves you, not just in their own way but in a way you can recognise, applaud and relate to. Someone that makes you feel safe, strong, loved and inspired. But I hope you also realise that not just one but many of these people exist in the world and that meeting one of them is inevitable, and alarmingly rapid, just as soon as you realise that you are worthy, that you do deserve to have love and you give yourself permission to shine. I know that you are worthy and deserve to have love and I am probably the closest thing you have to an enemy. Honestly, if your enemies think that highly of you, you must be doing a pretty good job, broadly speaking. Sure we’ve all got some flaw or another we’d like to work on. But trust me on this, you do deserve love and if that’s what you want, I hope you find it again soon.

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